Helicopter Rides

Helicopter Rides FAQs

If you are not sure if you want to go on a helicopter ride, you may want to read some of the frequently asked questions about taking a helicopter ride. Helicopter rides FAQs can be very helpful to determine if you are really interested in going on the ride. Below if a short helicopter rides FAQ for your research.

Should I go on a helicopter ride if I am afraid of heights? – Helicopter Rides FAQs

The short answer is it depends. If you are just mildly afraid of heights, it may be something you can overcome. You will need to do some soul searching to see if you are up to going up in a helicopter. Whether you can or not is really up to you, as you are only the only one who knows you best. The helicopter ride will be fairly smooth, so it shouldn’t add too much to the experience negatively. You will just have to look out the window to see the ground. You do not want to go up in a helicopter and not even look out the windows. It will be a waste of money.

How much does a helicopter ride cost? – Helicopter Rides FAQs

The cost of a helicopter ride can range from a couple hundre dollars to a couple thousand dollars. The cost will be affected by the kind of ride you choose. The longer a ride is, the more money it will cost. The flight lengths can range from 15 minutes to up to 90 minutes. The fifteen-minute flights are really for individuals who just want to test out the experience of riding on a helicopter. The longer flights are for individuals who are seasoned helicopter flight. The number of passengers on the helicopter will also affect the price. If you are looking to get a flight that is private, you will have to pay more money.

How do I book a helicopter ride? – Helicopter Rides FAQs

To book a helicopter ride, you will just need to call a helicopter ride company and book the flight. You will have to pay a deposit for the trip, with the balance being due a little bit (maybe a week, depending on the company) before the actual flight. If you decide you want to go the day of the flight to schedule it, you may have luck in getting a flight. But the company may also be booked up, so take this into consideration. It is always best to book the flight early to ensure you get a spot.

Is going on a helicopter ride scary? - Helicopter Rides FAQs

No, going on a helicopter ride is not scary. For most people, the experience will be very enjoyable. It is recommended you prepare by getting a nice camera to bring along (if this is allowed), so that you will have something to remember the trip with. You will remember the experience for years to come and taking pictures can really help you to recall the trip!